Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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"Eleven Hints for Life"

1. It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return.
But what is more painful is to love someone and never
find the courage to let that person know how you feel.

2. A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who
means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was
never meant to be and you just have to let go.

3. The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a
porch swing with, never say a word, and then walk away
feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.

4. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose
it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been
missing until it arrives.

5. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an
hour to like someone, and a day to love someone-but it
takes a lifetime to forget someone.

6. Don't go for looks, they can deceive. Don't go for wealth,
even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you
smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day
seem bright.

7. Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go,
be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and
one chance to do all the things you want to do.

8. Always put yourself in the other's shoes. If you feel that it
hurts you, it probably hurts the person too.

9. A careless word may kindle strife. A cruel word may wreck
a life. A timely word may level stress. But a loving word may
heal and bless.

10. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best
of everything they just make the most of everything that comes
along their way.

11. Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with
a tear. When you were born, you were crying and everyone
around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die,
you're the one smiling and everyone around you is crying.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hello Never.  I'm speaking to you, you're the thing that means at no time in the past or future; on no occasion; not ever; not at all.  Well can I be the first to say to you that you have a sense of damn humor in showing your head and your hand, and sometimes your ass.  

Never showed up on me.  Came at me so fast I didn't have time to prepare, because I didn't see it coming.  Knocked me down hard, I have skint knees and elbows.  I didn't have on my armor, I didn't have my shield. I was so caught up in living what I thought was Forever, yup, Never got me.

I can tell you one thing though; I learned a lesson so well from you Never that I am well prepared for future occurrences, you know in case you try and trample me again.  That lesson is Never again will you Ever again be Clever enough again to Sever again a thing so dear to me as Forever again.  I'm on a new Endeavor...again.  Bye Never.  And I got my eye on you and I'm holding the Lever. 

I'm not angry, even though at first I thought I would Never understand. I've actually progressed, and it's largely due to you Never. However, you can now take a back seat to my vision, to the horizon on which I have set my eyes upon.  Bye Never.  Never show up again...please?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Critical Thinker

Yep that's me.  Always skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and evaluating.  I'm always thinking on how I can be better, more effectual. I'm crafty (informal version) (LOL) by nature, something I inherited from my mom.  I'm always trying to figure out how I can be original, and thrifty, yet glamorous at the same time!

So if you see me looking puzzled in a photo or if you see me and you're waving like your life depends on it, but it seems as if I'm not responding, please don't take it personal; continue to love me and know that I'm probably just thinking out loud and what you're seeing are my visions unfolding in my mind and coming to life in my expressions. Critically thinking.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Favorites of a Wine Drinker

About six years ago, I decided I wanted to become a serious wine drinker.  I didn't know a lot about wine, and I didn't want to become a connoisseur but I knew the fruity, sparkling, high fructose corn syrup beverages I was consuming wasn't the real thing.

So full of determination, I ventured out by myself one day for a glass of the real.  The first one I tried was a Chablis.  Not knowing that while I didn't want a glass of sugar, I also didn't want something dry as the dessert.  I wasn't ready for it; I hated it, it is way to dry for me.  This was enough for me to head back to the fruity stuff, but I had only had one kind  of wine, so I decided not to stop there.  I decided the next one I would try would be a red. 

 I went on a retreat with some co-workers and I told them what my mission was as far as wine drinking, and these women gave me the 411 on wine.  They told me all about the different grapes and how some wines will be very dry from one wine maker, and another wine maker will make the same wine and it'll turn out to be my favorite.  That night several of the ladies there bought bottles of red wine; there was Merlot, Pinot Nior, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  I tried all of them, and Merlot was the winner.  It quickly became my favorite.

I stuck to Merlot for several months then I had the opportunity to attend a wine tasting, They had whites as well as reds. Now I'm all confused; however I quickly got educated further on wine, and I got a chance to taste white wines like Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Moscato, I now love all these, 

I am comfortable enough now with my wine palate to have put together a list of what I call my favorites.  If you're wanting to take your wine drinking game to another level, try surfing the web to find a wine tasting near you or a wine club that offer memberships, some clubs offer memberships for as low as $21.95 a month.  Enjoy your learning experience, I did.  Oh and please do not drink and drive, and please drink responsibly!

Favorite Wines                                                           Favorite Brands
Gewurztraminer                                                           Barefoot
Merlot                                                                          Yellow Tail
Malbec                                                                         Clos du Bois
Pinot Nior                                                                    Panilonco
Chardonnay                                                                 Bodega Elena De Mendoza
Sweet Red

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hello Everyone!

Today is going to be thankful Thursday.  First let me start by saying I have far too many things to be thankful for to be able to blog about in just this one post.  The fact I am sitting here in my right mind blogalking (my made up word for blogging/talking) (I know….just roll with it for a minute) is something to be thankful for.

Several days ago, I was reflecting and trying to find peace with some things.  I have this notebook, an extra, large three ring binder actually, that I keep with copies of inspirational writings I find on the internet and magazines, and poetry and summations that close friends have written and shared with me over the years.  I’ll go ahead and confess I’m a hoarder of anything that moves me; if I read it and it challenges my mind or my heart, and I’m excited about it, it goes in the notebook. 

Anyway I came across something one of my close acquaintances wrote several years ago that made it into the notebook. While I was reading it, it seemed as if I was just reading it for the first time, and I’ve read it several times over several more times in the past six years.  I felt so good after reading it that I decided to drop her a few lines.  I’ve noticed over the past six months how very faint she’s been on social media, which could mean she’s involved in some deep thinking, writing, studying, or doing something constructive with her time.  I didn’t hear back from her immediately; actually I didn’t hear back from her until three days later.  She told me I lifted her spirits with my email; I was so thrilled to hear back from her, and to just chat with her. I shared with her how even to this day whenever I read her writings they give me a new outlook on things. Her words are invigorating.

I’m thankful today for you Chloe B., and all artists, poets, writers, musicians; people like you who inspire.  You help stimulate and arouse the thinking of people through your creativity.  You give us 3D eyes into things that are sometimes never thought of.  You give us access to a different world just my using your imagination, gifts and talents. Using your talent to inspire others is not always as easy as some may see it to be, for Stephen King once said “talent is cheaper than table salt.  What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” While I can definitely appreciate the hard work, talent can encourage a multitude of people.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Love Letter From A Diva's Journal

Love Letter #4

So I said I'd try and guess what? I did. I still get the gloom from time to time, but when I think of YOU a ray of sunshine resuscitates the outer me while the inner me still boxes the en-e-my to breathe. I'm swinging and making contact as that coward loneliness tries to sucker punch me from time to time. I'm ducking, but I'm not dodging, I'm finally fighting back.

I must admit questions still plague me, like If I wait for you, will you come for me? If you miss me will you let me know? Will you remember my kisses and my warm embraces? If I find my way back to you will you be waiting? then I remember to breathe. Once I begin to take air into my lungs and then expel it, I begin to feel at ease once more, and I remember that's just ol loneliness trying to trap me, and I have to knock his ass down again.

I hope everything is well for you. It is for me. I wish you nothing but success as you walk your thoroughfare, and I pray your route has been paved with kindness to make your journey easier. We all have crossroads to travel and crosses to bear. It's not the kind we have that determines our strengths, but how we handle them that proves us strong. I still believe in you. I know you can do this.

Until we see each other again, I'm remembering you, and I'll always hold a space for you in my heart.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

If I Could

Hi people! many of you know this, only a few don't. But I am a tree hugger. That's right I'm a good old fashioned huge recycler of not just some things but of everything!

My favorite thing to recycle or upcycle, as my granddaughter would say, is clothes. Fabric, shoes, jewelry, anything that can be worn, I love taking it apart and putting it back together and a lot of times I like putting it back together totally different than what it originally was.

So if I could, all day long, I would just find things to upcycle, make them trendy or keep them vintage and give to people to wear. Some I may keep in my own little personal stash; it all depends on if what I'm upscaling fits into my collection of my favorite things.If I could.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reasons To Smile

Reason to smile: Person snatches the best produce up as they see you approaching it. Store quickly puts better stuff out, and they see you get first picks. Then they try to bring theirs back without you seeing them.

Reason to smile: The most obnoxious person in the aerobics class pulls a hamstring.

Reason to smile: When someone says "I've lost my mind". Okay do we find it?

Reason to smile: When the sign says “elevator out of order” and the man who doesn’t hold doors for women and children has to walk.

Reason to smile: Repeatedly making the same mistake twice so you won't have time to make all the other ones just yet.

Reason to smile: Rude people who have laundry sheets stuck to their clothes unbeknownst to them.

Reason to smile: Mean people who drop their entire cup of coffee.

Reason to smile: The aggressive driver who cut you off in traffic getting caught in a speed trap.

Reason to smile: You throwing me under the bus and standing behind it. Bus decides to back up instead of pulling forward.

Reason to smile: Person who always uses all the paper towels without replenishing them, washing their hands only to realize there are no more paper towels.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

6 Things I Say The Most At Work

1. Good Morning
2. I'm ready to go home.
3. What time is it?
4. See you tomorrow.
5. I wish it were Friday already!
6. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Random Ramblings

Having the dream you're  falling, and you hit the ground.

Your walking down stairs, and you miss the last step. 

When you stop walking, but your your high heels don't and there's nothing to hold on to.

When you look on your arm and a bug is the guest of honor on it.

When you cut your fruit to eat it and the hairy white stuff beat you to it.


Paper cuts that bleed, and bleed, and bleed, but don't immediately hurt.

Your favorite ice cream and the freezer burned it.

Candles, no matches

Wine, no corkscrew 

Fried rice, no soy sauce

Ring up your groceries, realized you left your money in your other purse. This actually happened to me a week ago. Lol

Ask the ATM for receipt, it's out of paper.

Reading a good book, finding printed mistakes.

Car in front of you is driving slow, and runs the yellow light, now you're stuck at the red light.  WTH?

Dented can goods.

Writing random shit.

My Top 10 Motivators

1. Keeping calm
2. Him
3. Lipstick
4. Dreaming
5. His voice
6. High standards
7. Good food
8. Art
9. Love Jones (the movie)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

10 Favorite Foods

You ever have those days when you have a taste for something, but nothing in particular tickles your fancy? Well I'm having one of those days right now. It's these days when I have to rely on something from my 10 favorite foods list. What are they? O.K. here they are:

10.Pho, or Vietnamese noodle soup
9. Cabbage
8. Baked Potatoes (russet or sweet)
7. Vegetable soup (minus the lima beans)
6. Green beans
5. Collards
4. Sushi
3. Turkey burgers
2. Bar B Que chicken
1. Fish - Salmon is my #1 favorite

I can usually pull a thing or two from this list and be very satisfied. For desert I will always have a York peppermint pattie. This is really my number one food! So what? Was I embarassed to put it on the list with all the healthier choices? Well yes as a matter of fact I was. LOL. But who can resist this? Not me.

Image from Wikipedia

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Do You See?

"Trust God. Not what you see. NEVER stop believing this, even if you have to remind yourself of this TRUTH 100 x's a day."

I saw this today from my sister in Christ/friend Rachel, and it immediately reminded me that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. Sometimes all it takes to overcome an obstacle is for someone or someting to remind you that you don't always have to jump every hurdle life throws at you at high speed; sometimes if at first you stand still, adjust yourself, listen for direction and gain clarity, you will see that you only need to walk around it. Leave the jumping for someone else.

I'm looking at things; images of people and the lives they live. Everything is not as it always seems. The mind can be cruel and deceptively malicious. The scary part is how much leeway I give those images and how often I allow them to hold captive my freedom and ability to be concise on living.

Today I'm telling myself "I'm trusting God and leaning not on my own understanding". That's it. All the conciseness needed.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

An entry from a Diva's Journal

Dear Journal:

Hope you're feeling well with all the thoughts I've bombarded you with over the past several months. Me? well I'm getting better every day.  Today was a good day.  I woke up with nervous energy, and you know me when I get that feeling I have to move something before something moves me.  I have to gain my balance before I fall. So I went running.  Yep. Running.  I intended on running two to three miles, but ended up running five.  I'm impressed with myself; that's a lot coming from a person who is not easily impressed with anyone or anything.

I realized some things while I was pounding the concrete today.  I realized the mind will not negate what the flesh is willing to do.  And the poor heart, it just sits there in the middle trying to evenly distribute crazy and sane and remain upright all at the same time. 

I also realized absence does not make my heart grow fonder.  Nope.  That shit doesn't work. Absence make my heart feel nonexistent, cold and unattended. I'm warm blooded, I have a relatively higher blood temperature than usual these days.  Maybe I'm shape shifting and taking on animal ways.
Either way  I have to convert my feelings into energy.  My heart can not be left alone.

I realized a lot of things during those 10,000 +/- steps today.  Most I will not share, but one last one I will.  It's o.k. to not have everything together all the time.  It's good that I understand and know who I am.  I am a woman who has, not a woman who needs.  

Tomorrow is not promised to me.  The rest of the evening is not promised to me.  So while I am in the land of the living, I promise myself this one thing, I will live, I will accept me for who I am, and I will not apologize for it. I will believe in me, I will accept the me that makes mistakes and I will learn from those mistakes.  I will be me, and no one will be better at it. I may be purring now, but just wait, you will hear me roar again.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Love Letter From A Diva's Journal

Love Letter No. 3
I Hope this letter from my journal finds you doing well, better than the last time we spoke. Me I'm o.k., actually a little bit more enlightened.

It's clear here today 68 degrees.  This is a beautiful day, I mean everything is beautiful.  Even the memories I'm conjuring from my psyche, are beautiful. There is one thing though I can't seem to remember, no matter how hard I try. Did I miss something along the way?  Was I so caught up in the idea of us  I couldn't or didn't see something that was possibly there all along?

I don't know.  Maybe there really are tests to pass to see how true and deep a love really runs. Maybe there are unforeseen trials and tribulations that lie dormant until they can't lie still anymore.  Maybe we just weren't prepared for the love which has consumed me.  One thing I am pleased about is I finally can say goodbye to the road we were traveling on.  I finally have peace about letting go.  I finally see the possibility of a more stabled us. I can't say I'm 100 percent excited or overjoyed about having to start over, however I am very optimistic.

I just wanted to drop a few lines to you.  I miss the old us, but I truly anticipate the new us.

Until later, and some other time, I'm going to close.  I wish you continued success on your journey. Godspeed.  I love you, and always keeping us alive.



Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Love Letter From A Diva's Journal

Love Letter No.2
Hello my love.  It's night time here, the house is quiet.  I can hear myself think, and I'm trying with all my might to recall when I last heard you laugh. For the life of me, I can't remember. I miss your wicked laughter.  I miss our intense talks. I miss our evenings together. The H up effect. I miss our nights together. I miss our morning coffee and w....wait too much information to share. I can only say this is the time I miss you the most.

I dream with my eyes wide open now, for I can't stand the thought of missing an opportunity of envisioning us together one more time. In our place.  In my thoughts.  In my dreams. Keeping us alive.

How did we get here? when will we leave here my Love?

I want you to know that I'm wishing you a safe journey home. All my love, and all the best.


Forty Plus Things I've Learned In My Forties

1.       God is real
2.       You can actually move mountains with a calm voice
3.       You can be inspired by a two year old
4.       Wisdom does not only come from the elderly, it comes from the young as well
5.       Beautiful does not equate to better
6.       Rich does not always equate to money
7.       Your spirit will never mislead you
8.       Sugar really is bad for you
9.       There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone
10.   Exercise is important
11.   Disappointment hurts.  God heals. We do get better.
12.   What goes around really does come back around, and you will not escape it
13.   Laughter is good for the soul
14.   Pray.  Constantly keep communication open with the Father
15.   Time helps us heal
16.   Life is not short, it’s the longest thing we will ever have. Bet you can't name anything that you'll have that's        longer
17.   We are more resilient than we know
18.   Never abuse Love
19.   True Friends are jewels
20.   Love your parents, if you can’t do that, then at least respect them
21.   Your character is distinctive to you.  Remember that.
22.   Some fifth graders really are smarter than me
23.   20 percent of the people who say they like you, really don’t, but It’s OK
24.   We can tear down with our tongue, but we can build up as well
25.   Sometimes we get so full, that a good cry empties us to be refilled with hope
26.   People leave us, it’s OK. God always replaces what was never meant to be
27.   You’re never too old or  too young to learn
28.   The world really does have small and majestic wonders
29.   Pouring knowledge into children is rewarding
30.   Critical thinking is exhilarating
31.   The first can easily become the last
32.   Faith gets us through it all
33.   A smile is the most beautiful asset a person can have
34.   Rejection does not take away from who you are as a person
35.   Don’t sweat the small stuff
36.   Don’t cheat, it will bring us back around to No. 12
37.   Eat for the nourishment of your body, not for the nourishment of your mind
38.   Read.  Life is so much more fun when it’s imagined.
39.   A child’s brain really can soak up like a sponge
40.   Creativity comes in many forms
41.   Love will outweigh lust every time
42.   It’s OK to start over, again and again and again
43.   Cherish Life.  We only get one.
44.   Teach every chance you get, but make sure you reach as well
45.   Sit at the feet of your grandparents if you still have them.  You’ll miss them when they’re gone and the void        of them being gone will never be filled
46.   Show compassion
47.   There are consequences to being frivolous
48.   Create a legacy that brings honor to your family
49.   Believe in something, Believe in someone

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Love Letter from A Diva's Journal

Love Letter No.1
I am in the midst of an exodus from familiar surroundings.  This is not always a bad thing, leaving old things behind and embarking on something new, especially when it's a different mindset. However, when the departure takes place and love is tied to it, it makes it difficult to completely withdraw from the strings that bind hearts together.

In order for the surreal love to take place, I have to surrender the love I have.  At first I thought "I can't just lay it down, I need this love that has become a part of who I am."  But then I think to myself, I want the unreal, unusual, unearthly, unmovable uncanny, unstoppable kind of love. And I want it with you.

Yes what we have is unique and imaginative.  It's strong and upholding.  When we exchange the words "I Love You" we speak more than volumes to each other, we make things happen in the atmosphere.  As powerful as we are together, we are on our way to being more than what we are now. Plain and simple.  It's a matter of fact.

Like a moon that passes into the shadow of another moon, we're becoming an eclipse.  I will see you when you're not even there, I will feel you when you're not even around, because I love you.  I will love you until there's none left in me.  Until there is nothing left of me.  Until I can't anymore, and then still I will love you.

Today I write Love Letter No.1 and on this journey we are taking and until this evacuation of the old us is complete, I will write a love letter to you, for you are the one who has an impression so deep in the ventricle of my heart I truly believe it beats more for you than it does for me.

Keep our love relevant until the next time, until the next love letter from A Diva's Journal.

Monday, September 15, 2014


"How do you know love is gone? If you said that you would

 be there at seven and you get there by nine, and he or she has

 not called the police yet - it's gone."

-Marlene Dietrich

Photo from The Best American Poetry - 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Painfully Growing

1.Growth - v (of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity.

2.To become larger or greater over a period of time; increase. To become gradually or increasingly.

Growing pains are actually painful. It seriously hurts sometimes to grow; until we let go of the thing hindering our growth. People say “it’s just growing pains, and they’re part of life”, or “If you live long enough you will go through stuff that will make you stronger”, or my favorite (sarcastically speaking) “ I've noticed the growth that has taken place in you.” The response in my mind is “oh yeah? Where the heck were you that you couldn't witness it first hand, where were you during my growth that you didn't see it taking place?”

Then I reminisce. I remember the struggle; how it hurt to let things and people go, how I searched with all my might for a potential path of progression, a cure to my stagnant mental state. I remember how I prayed and asked God to help me with me; to help me not to make a blunder out of a divine opportunity for a supernatural healing through Him. 

I remember now why you weren't present to see my transition; God placed other people in my life in the place of you who were strong enough to witness me stepping down from the plateau of stillness, and onto a level stage of motion.

Then I remember I've grown

Monday, August 25, 2014


Have you ever imagined life? Have you ever formed a mental picture or image in your mind as to what you want life for you to be? When you imagine, do you see yourself living out dreams, or finding your passions, or fulfilling your ambitions or just imagining how you want to feel right at this present moment?

Right now I'm imagining myself sitting at one of the picturesque sidewalk cafes in Europe. I see myself adoring the pink tablecloths and rustic vintage looking buildings with vines running down the side, and wooden umbrella tents providing me shade. The aroma of olive oil, grated parmesean cheese and fresh baked bread is taking over my senses, and my palate is dancing with anticipation for some red wine.

O.K. so when I open my eyes, I see I'm right where I started off at, but hey I can still imagine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I think the sultry Ms. Yoli Tamu was feeling herself when she wrote Ain’t No stopping Sunshine.  I mean come on, can I be the only one out there who every now and then has a day where I’m feeling a little less confident, a little less strong than before, a little less sure of myself, just a little less period.  And then I hear this resilient voice come through the speaker yelling “Aint no stopping sunshine”.  I’m telling you my ears pop up, my head does a 10 degree turn in the direction of the music, next the shoulders simultaneously start moving, then the fingers start popping, I get the duck pout going on with the lips, and it’s on! I start to gain the confidence back, my stride gets longer, shoulders stand up, and I’m feeling ready.  I’m feeling myself.  So thank you Ms. Tamu for my motivation anthem.

Ain't No Stopping Sunshine – Yoli Tamu
Don't try to tell me to wait till I belong
You can't convince me that what I dream is wrong
No matter what you say, you can't cloud my head
I push the fear away/ you remember what I said-
You can't stop the tide rising high, no
You can't stop the light in my eyes, oh no
You can't keep me down, I'll tell you why

Ain't no stopping sunshine
Ain't no stopping me
Ain't no stopping all the love that sets the people free
Ain't no stopping this love from changing peoples minds
Ain't no stopping sunshine, gonna leave the dark behind

I won't believe it if you say I've lost my chance
I'll be the one who couldn't walk but learned to dance
Each day my world turns one more revolution
Bring on the dawn gotta light one more solution
You can't stop what I'm all about, no
You can't hide for long in your doubt, oh no
Raise your shades up high, come on out

Let me ease your pain
Stop your endless night
Don't you let it rain on your inner light
If you lost your way
I could show you mine
Just remember the sun's meant to shine

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Apologize

Never ruin an apology with an excuse. ~Kimberly Johnson

I feel I owe my loyal readers an apology for taking such an extended hiatus. I apologize for not keeping on a daily basis a more open dialogue with you; after all blogging is just a personal journal that's frequently updated, and I am the diva that journals. With that said, I'll consider any shred of forgiveness from you as an undeserved blessing that will help us both productively move forward.

I humbly ask you to continue to support The Diva Journals. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and please continue to read our posts on The Diva Jounals. Also please continue to spread the word to other interested readers; and for your forgiveness and continued support, I will put the pen to paper (online) and continue to journal.

Look out soon for the first blog and Facebook post in over three months. The webpage site is going under construction, and it will change drastically, but for the best.

I'm learning that keeping in touch with you all on a daily or even a weekly basis is a major tool in cutting through confusion, managing chaos and handeling the effects of many emotional roller coaster rides in life. I love you guys. See you in a minute.

-Kind regards, The Diva Journals

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I am extremely rebellious.  I have this strong, defiant spirit. - Yoko Ono

Friday, April 18, 2014

Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do
 - Pharrell Williams

Friday, February 28, 2014

Taking On Many Looks This Month!

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The Diva Journals is using the month of March to move about and explore, research, travel in and through our minds to find goodies and information to share with our faithful readers and followers.  While we'll be striking many poses, learning many new things to share, we'll still be blogging, tweeting, and facebooking (is that a word?) LOL.  

The website will be back April 1st; seriously, no April fools! Please be sure and check us out there next month.  See you real soon!

Divaliciously yours,

The Diva Journals

Monday, February 24, 2014

A little Ms. Mae West goes a long way

"A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up.” 
Have the courage to follow your dreams and aspirations.  Just make sure they are yours and no one else's.

OWN your OWN.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February's Diva of The Month

Meet Lawanda Gartrell Leonard, February's Diva of The Month!

I had a chance to chat it up with Lawanda Leonard this month; this is a fantastic interview.  Check her out here: Lawanda's Diva of the Month interview