Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hello Never.  I'm speaking to you, you're the thing that means at no time in the past or future; on no occasion; not ever; not at all.  Well can I be the first to say to you that you have a sense of damn humor in showing your head and your hand, and sometimes your ass.  

Never showed up on me.  Came at me so fast I didn't have time to prepare, because I didn't see it coming.  Knocked me down hard, I have skint knees and elbows.  I didn't have on my armor, I didn't have my shield. I was so caught up in living what I thought was Forever, yup, Never got me.

I can tell you one thing though; I learned a lesson so well from you Never that I am well prepared for future occurrences, you know in case you try and trample me again.  That lesson is Never again will you Ever again be Clever enough again to Sever again a thing so dear to me as Forever again.  I'm on a new Endeavor...again.  Bye Never.  And I got my eye on you and I'm holding the Lever. 

I'm not angry, even though at first I thought I would Never understand. I've actually progressed, and it's largely due to you Never. However, you can now take a back seat to my vision, to the horizon on which I have set my eyes upon.  Bye Never.  Never show up again...please?

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