Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hello Everyone!

Today is going to be thankful Thursday.  First let me start by saying I have far too many things to be thankful for to be able to blog about in just this one post.  The fact I am sitting here in my right mind blogalking (my made up word for blogging/talking) (I know….just roll with it for a minute) is something to be thankful for.

Several days ago, I was reflecting and trying to find peace with some things.  I have this notebook, an extra, large three ring binder actually, that I keep with copies of inspirational writings I find on the internet and magazines, and poetry and summations that close friends have written and shared with me over the years.  I’ll go ahead and confess I’m a hoarder of anything that moves me; if I read it and it challenges my mind or my heart, and I’m excited about it, it goes in the notebook. 

Anyway I came across something one of my close acquaintances wrote several years ago that made it into the notebook. While I was reading it, it seemed as if I was just reading it for the first time, and I’ve read it several times over several more times in the past six years.  I felt so good after reading it that I decided to drop her a few lines.  I’ve noticed over the past six months how very faint she’s been on social media, which could mean she’s involved in some deep thinking, writing, studying, or doing something constructive with her time.  I didn’t hear back from her immediately; actually I didn’t hear back from her until three days later.  She told me I lifted her spirits with my email; I was so thrilled to hear back from her, and to just chat with her. I shared with her how even to this day whenever I read her writings they give me a new outlook on things. Her words are invigorating.

I’m thankful today for you Chloe B., and all artists, poets, writers, musicians; people like you who inspire.  You help stimulate and arouse the thinking of people through your creativity.  You give us 3D eyes into things that are sometimes never thought of.  You give us access to a different world just my using your imagination, gifts and talents. Using your talent to inspire others is not always as easy as some may see it to be, for Stephen King once said “talent is cheaper than table salt.  What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” While I can definitely appreciate the hard work, talent can encourage a multitude of people.

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