Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Painfully Growing

1.Growth - v (of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity.

2.To become larger or greater over a period of time; increase. To become gradually or increasingly.

Growing pains are actually painful. It seriously hurts sometimes to grow; until we let go of the thing hindering our growth. People say “it’s just growing pains, and they’re part of life”, or “If you live long enough you will go through stuff that will make you stronger”, or my favorite (sarcastically speaking) “ I've noticed the growth that has taken place in you.” The response in my mind is “oh yeah? Where the heck were you that you couldn't witness it first hand, where were you during my growth that you didn't see it taking place?”

Then I reminisce. I remember the struggle; how it hurt to let things and people go, how I searched with all my might for a potential path of progression, a cure to my stagnant mental state. I remember how I prayed and asked God to help me with me; to help me not to make a blunder out of a divine opportunity for a supernatural healing through Him. 

I remember now why you weren't present to see my transition; God placed other people in my life in the place of you who were strong enough to witness me stepping down from the plateau of stillness, and onto a level stage of motion.

Then I remember I've grown

Monday, August 25, 2014


Have you ever imagined life? Have you ever formed a mental picture or image in your mind as to what you want life for you to be? When you imagine, do you see yourself living out dreams, or finding your passions, or fulfilling your ambitions or just imagining how you want to feel right at this present moment?

Right now I'm imagining myself sitting at one of the picturesque sidewalk cafes in Europe. I see myself adoring the pink tablecloths and rustic vintage looking buildings with vines running down the side, and wooden umbrella tents providing me shade. The aroma of olive oil, grated parmesean cheese and fresh baked bread is taking over my senses, and my palate is dancing with anticipation for some red wine.

O.K. so when I open my eyes, I see I'm right where I started off at, but hey I can still imagine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I think the sultry Ms. Yoli Tamu was feeling herself when she wrote Ain’t No stopping Sunshine.  I mean come on, can I be the only one out there who every now and then has a day where I’m feeling a little less confident, a little less strong than before, a little less sure of myself, just a little less period.  And then I hear this resilient voice come through the speaker yelling “Aint no stopping sunshine”.  I’m telling you my ears pop up, my head does a 10 degree turn in the direction of the music, next the shoulders simultaneously start moving, then the fingers start popping, I get the duck pout going on with the lips, and it’s on! I start to gain the confidence back, my stride gets longer, shoulders stand up, and I’m feeling ready.  I’m feeling myself.  So thank you Ms. Tamu for my motivation anthem.

Ain't No Stopping Sunshine – Yoli Tamu
Don't try to tell me to wait till I belong
You can't convince me that what I dream is wrong
No matter what you say, you can't cloud my head
I push the fear away/ you remember what I said-
You can't stop the tide rising high, no
You can't stop the light in my eyes, oh no
You can't keep me down, I'll tell you why

Ain't no stopping sunshine
Ain't no stopping me
Ain't no stopping all the love that sets the people free
Ain't no stopping this love from changing peoples minds
Ain't no stopping sunshine, gonna leave the dark behind

I won't believe it if you say I've lost my chance
I'll be the one who couldn't walk but learned to dance
Each day my world turns one more revolution
Bring on the dawn gotta light one more solution
You can't stop what I'm all about, no
You can't hide for long in your doubt, oh no
Raise your shades up high, come on out

Let me ease your pain
Stop your endless night
Don't you let it rain on your inner light
If you lost your way
I could show you mine
Just remember the sun's meant to shine

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Apologize

Never ruin an apology with an excuse. ~Kimberly Johnson

I feel I owe my loyal readers an apology for taking such an extended hiatus. I apologize for not keeping on a daily basis a more open dialogue with you; after all blogging is just a personal journal that's frequently updated, and I am the diva that journals. With that said, I'll consider any shred of forgiveness from you as an undeserved blessing that will help us both productively move forward.

I humbly ask you to continue to support The Diva Journals. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and please continue to read our posts on The Diva Jounals. Also please continue to spread the word to other interested readers; and for your forgiveness and continued support, I will put the pen to paper (online) and continue to journal.

Look out soon for the first blog and Facebook post in over three months. The webpage site is going under construction, and it will change drastically, but for the best.

I'm learning that keeping in touch with you all on a daily or even a weekly basis is a major tool in cutting through confusion, managing chaos and handeling the effects of many emotional roller coaster rides in life. I love you guys. See you in a minute.

-Kind regards, The Diva Journals