Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Painfully Growing

1.Growth - v (of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity.

2.To become larger or greater over a period of time; increase. To become gradually or increasingly.

Growing pains are actually painful. It seriously hurts sometimes to grow; until we let go of the thing hindering our growth. People say “it’s just growing pains, and they’re part of life”, or “If you live long enough you will go through stuff that will make you stronger”, or my favorite (sarcastically speaking) “ I've noticed the growth that has taken place in you.” The response in my mind is “oh yeah? Where the heck were you that you couldn't witness it first hand, where were you during my growth that you didn't see it taking place?”

Then I reminisce. I remember the struggle; how it hurt to let things and people go, how I searched with all my might for a potential path of progression, a cure to my stagnant mental state. I remember how I prayed and asked God to help me with me; to help me not to make a blunder out of a divine opportunity for a supernatural healing through Him. 

I remember now why you weren't present to see my transition; God placed other people in my life in the place of you who were strong enough to witness me stepping down from the plateau of stillness, and onto a level stage of motion.

Then I remember I've grown

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