Monday, August 25, 2014


Have you ever imagined life? Have you ever formed a mental picture or image in your mind as to what you want life for you to be? When you imagine, do you see yourself living out dreams, or finding your passions, or fulfilling your ambitions or just imagining how you want to feel right at this present moment?

Right now I'm imagining myself sitting at one of the picturesque sidewalk cafes in Europe. I see myself adoring the pink tablecloths and rustic vintage looking buildings with vines running down the side, and wooden umbrella tents providing me shade. The aroma of olive oil, grated parmesean cheese and fresh baked bread is taking over my senses, and my palate is dancing with anticipation for some red wine.

O.K. so when I open my eyes, I see I'm right where I started off at, but hey I can still imagine.

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