Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I think the sultry Ms. Yoli Tamu was feeling herself when she wrote Ain’t No stopping Sunshine.  I mean come on, can I be the only one out there who every now and then has a day where I’m feeling a little less confident, a little less strong than before, a little less sure of myself, just a little less period.  And then I hear this resilient voice come through the speaker yelling “Aint no stopping sunshine”.  I’m telling you my ears pop up, my head does a 10 degree turn in the direction of the music, next the shoulders simultaneously start moving, then the fingers start popping, I get the duck pout going on with the lips, and it’s on! I start to gain the confidence back, my stride gets longer, shoulders stand up, and I’m feeling ready.  I’m feeling myself.  So thank you Ms. Tamu for my motivation anthem.

Ain't No Stopping Sunshine – Yoli Tamu
Don't try to tell me to wait till I belong
You can't convince me that what I dream is wrong
No matter what you say, you can't cloud my head
I push the fear away/ you remember what I said-
You can't stop the tide rising high, no
You can't stop the light in my eyes, oh no
You can't keep me down, I'll tell you why

Ain't no stopping sunshine
Ain't no stopping me
Ain't no stopping all the love that sets the people free
Ain't no stopping this love from changing peoples minds
Ain't no stopping sunshine, gonna leave the dark behind

I won't believe it if you say I've lost my chance
I'll be the one who couldn't walk but learned to dance
Each day my world turns one more revolution
Bring on the dawn gotta light one more solution
You can't stop what I'm all about, no
You can't hide for long in your doubt, oh no
Raise your shades up high, come on out

Let me ease your pain
Stop your endless night
Don't you let it rain on your inner light
If you lost your way
I could show you mine
Just remember the sun's meant to shine

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