Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Testimony Tuesday. I AM.

These things I declare and decree.  I testify to the goodness of my Almighty Creator.  My Father in Heaven.

I am Courageous.  I am Whole.  I am Unstoppable.  I am Confident.  I am Victorious. I am Forgiving.  I am Love.  I am Loved.  I am Grateful.  I am Blessed. I am Authentic.  I am Determined.  I am Generous.  I am Gifted.  I am Strong. I am Kind.  I am Anointed.  I am Highly Favored.  I am Successful.  I am Able.  I am Healed.  I am Powerful.  I am Prosperous.  I am Healthy.  I am Fruitful.  I am Beautiful.  I am Respectful.  I am Respected.  I am Compassionate.  I am Fair.  I am Honest. I am Reliable.  I am Giving.  I am HIS.  I AM.

Sunday, January 1, 2017