Poetry Flowing

Sometimes I think of old and I think of new.  Sometimes I only think of you.
Sometimes I can’t turn off the spinning inside my head with all the thoughts of you; Sometimes It’s like tidal waves, violently splashing against the naturally smooth rhythm of my pulse.   
Sometimes I’m crippled with emotions, and sometimes I can’t find my crutch.  Where the hell are you? How come sometimes, this shit doesn’t make sense? Why is it that sometimes all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are there; oddly shaped, but none the less there, but all the pieces of the puzzle doesn’t fit? Sometimes I’m not in the mood for optical illusions. Sometimes I’m only in the mood for you.
Sometimes I have so many answers.  Sometimes I have only questions. Sometimes my tank is half full, sometimes it’s only half empty, just needs to be replenished. Sometimes I can tell the difference; sometimes I only have differences of opinions.
Sometimes I’m vibing with you, sometimes I’m vibing off of you. Sometimes I just need to know you, so I can say “I do” to you.
 I think sometimes is part of my genetic DNA, ancestrally we’re connected, Sometimes and Me.  Sometimes it’s funny to think that I and an adverb could be related. But constantly throughout my life, my old dear friend Sometimes has always been around. Its o.k. when she’s around and she’s being nice, but when she’s around and she’s taunting me, like when it comes to you, I don’t wanna be her friend anymore. I wanna denounce her, divorce her, and even destroy her.  Because when it comes to you, my old sidekick Sometimes is not an option, she’s a hindrance.
This is an emptying moment.  I have to do this.  Sometimes.

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