Monday, January 2, 2012

Thanks, But No Thanks. No More Bones Please.

To ALL the ones that fed me bones over the last several years, i wanted to let you know that i have been given meat that doesn't  have bones.  I no longer have to wait until you are full  to throw me the bones from your left over meal.  Thanks, but no thanks.  No more bones please.

I'm being fed on a regular basis.  I have well balanced meals now, producing a more healthier, happier and well rounded me. Let me ask you; are you yourself still feasting on all that you have? and when you attempted to throw me a few bones, only to go back to the usual dumping site and see the bones still laying exactly where you threw them, what did you feel?  Are you void of feelings? were you confused? did you see it as a challenge? or did you simply think that if you threw more bones than usual that i would eventually get tired of starving and eat? Thanks, but no thanks. No more bones please.

Funny thing happened while i was dealing with this starvation; I got so week that i had to stop taking your bones and start to eat from a healthier source; the cycle got reversed.  Now, I am no longer deficient; my nutrient and vitamin intake is sufficient. There is no longer an imbalance between my energy intake and my energy expenditure. I'm accepting no more bones.

God was patient with me, and waited until i was ready, and now my famine is over. I  made the choice to say thanks, but no thanks, made the effort, to walk, even if i had to walk alone until my God decided to change my situation, got treatment through the word of God, and encouragement from those that wanted to share their food, not their bones, and learned of prevention, changed my appetite;  recognized that you meant no harm, its just that this has worked for you for so long that you really don't know how detrimental your bones are to those who need to be fed.

Feed me with something that we both can take and feed others with. Thanks, but no Thanks.  No more bones please.