Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Forty Plus Things I've Learned In My Forties

1.       God is real
2.       You can actually move mountains with a calm voice
3.       You can be inspired by a two year old
4.       Wisdom does not only come from the elderly, it comes from the young as well
5.       Beautiful does not equate to better
6.       Rich does not always equate to money
7.       Your spirit will never mislead you
8.       Sugar really is bad for you
9.       There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone
10.   Exercise is important
11.   Disappointment hurts.  God heals. We do get better.
12.   What goes around really does come back around, and you will not escape it
13.   Laughter is good for the soul
14.   Pray.  Constantly keep communication open with the Father
15.   Time helps us heal
16.   Life is not short, it’s the longest thing we will ever have. Bet you can't name anything that you'll have that's        longer
17.   We are more resilient than we know
18.   Never abuse Love
19.   True Friends are jewels
20.   Love your parents, if you can’t do that, then at least respect them
21.   Your character is distinctive to you.  Remember that.
22.   Some fifth graders really are smarter than me
23.   20 percent of the people who say they like you, really don’t, but It’s OK
24.   We can tear down with our tongue, but we can build up as well
25.   Sometimes we get so full, that a good cry empties us to be refilled with hope
26.   People leave us, it’s OK. God always replaces what was never meant to be
27.   You’re never too old or  too young to learn
28.   The world really does have small and majestic wonders
29.   Pouring knowledge into children is rewarding
30.   Critical thinking is exhilarating
31.   The first can easily become the last
32.   Faith gets us through it all
33.   A smile is the most beautiful asset a person can have
34.   Rejection does not take away from who you are as a person
35.   Don’t sweat the small stuff
36.   Don’t cheat, it will bring us back around to No. 12
37.   Eat for the nourishment of your body, not for the nourishment of your mind
38.   Read.  Life is so much more fun when it’s imagined.
39.   A child’s brain really can soak up like a sponge
40.   Creativity comes in many forms
41.   Love will outweigh lust every time
42.   It’s OK to start over, again and again and again
43.   Cherish Life.  We only get one.
44.   Teach every chance you get, but make sure you reach as well
45.   Sit at the feet of your grandparents if you still have them.  You’ll miss them when they’re gone and the void        of them being gone will never be filled
46.   Show compassion
47.   There are consequences to being frivolous
48.   Create a legacy that brings honor to your family
49.   Believe in something, Believe in someone

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