Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Love Letter From A Diva's Journal

Love Letter No. 3
I Hope this letter from my journal finds you doing well, better than the last time we spoke. Me I'm o.k., actually a little bit more enlightened.

It's clear here today 68 degrees.  This is a beautiful day, I mean everything is beautiful.  Even the memories I'm conjuring from my psyche, are beautiful. There is one thing though I can't seem to remember, no matter how hard I try. Did I miss something along the way?  Was I so caught up in the idea of us  I couldn't or didn't see something that was possibly there all along?

I don't know.  Maybe there really are tests to pass to see how true and deep a love really runs. Maybe there are unforeseen trials and tribulations that lie dormant until they can't lie still anymore.  Maybe we just weren't prepared for the love which has consumed me.  One thing I am pleased about is I finally can say goodbye to the road we were traveling on.  I finally have peace about letting go.  I finally see the possibility of a more stabled us. I can't say I'm 100 percent excited or overjoyed about having to start over, however I am very optimistic.

I just wanted to drop a few lines to you.  I miss the old us, but I truly anticipate the new us.

Until later, and some other time, I'm going to close.  I wish you continued success on your journey. Godspeed.  I love you, and always keeping us alive.



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