Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blogs I love

There are three blogs I absolutely love reading.  One is the fashion blog by Ari Seth Cohen for mature aged women called Advanced Style .  These women are the most beautiful and stylish women ever! The thing I love most about them is they are comfortable in the skin they're in. This one comes to my inbox EVERYDAY.

Another blog I love is Oh, hello frind: you are loved .  Lots and lots of beautiful vintage craft ideas plus she has an online store.  Danni Hong is the author of this blog, a lovely person with a large heart and beautiful spirit.  Oh! and she has giveaways on her blog.  This one comes to my inbox EVERYDAY also.

My third daily blog love is Happy Black Woman with Rosetta Thurman, a personal development and lifestyle blog.  Rosetta has an online community that encourages women to live their ideal lives.  Every month this inspirational and supportive blog does the Thirty One Days To Reset Your Life challenge, where you gain valuable insight into what helps to make you YOU.  Ever did a vision board?  well take this challenge and not only will you make one, but it will become an infallible remedy to some of things in our daily life that push us off tract. This one is a must have to my inbox EVERYDAY like my coffee.

There are many many more great blogs out there.  Check out BlogHer | Life Well Said and find blogs that you will want coming to your inbox....EVERYDAY!

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