Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Shack

"Who wouldn't be skeptical when a man claims to have spent an entire weekend with God in a shack no less? and this was the shack."-Wm. Paul Young

This is from the forward of my favorite book, The Shack.  This book gets knee deep into when a person's pain meets the Giver of life.  This book can be found on my nightstand, or sometimes in my purse. Every time I read it, it explains a little bit more about the depth of a love that a Heavenly Father has for an earthly father who is struggling with loss, grief, and an overwhelming sadness.  

Imagine if you will going through something so painful that all you can do is breathe to let someone know you are alive, and in the midst of this pain, there is a letter in your mailbox addressed to you, and signed Papa, which is the nickname for God used by your spouse.  Then imagine you wondering if this is a letter from God.  On top of that, what if you went to this shack, where your great sadness originated from to find that it is indeed God who has come to see about you, and He brings His Holy Spirit and His son Jesus along with Him.  That's what this book tells of.

Do you have a favorite book?  One that you don't want to ever part with?  the one that if someone asked to borrow, you would go out and buy them their own copy? The Shack is that book for me.  What is yours?

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