Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaBloPoMo for November 6th, I'm a first timer

Two nights ago, I sat through my first pageant, and it wasn't Toddlers and Tiaras!  Sorry TLC, but the competitive world of children being judged on their beauty and personalities is of no interest to me.  Do children at the age of three and four even understand what a personality is? hmm.

I was invited  by one of the contestants to a Miss Black and Gold 2012 Pageant, sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.  She's a wonderful young woman, who has accomplished so much education wise.  She's a 5th year Public Policy Major, she's already earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Economics, and International Affairs, as well as a minor in Pre-Law, and she's not even twenty five! To add more to her accomplishments, she won the pageant and was crowned Miss Black and Gold 2012.

Several weeks ago when she invited us, I remember thinking, o.k. this could be fun, it'll be something different for me and my daughter to do. Well let me tell you, we had a blast! i found myself going what's next? oh the swimsuits are next, or ssh ssh, here comes the talent part.  The program only had one intermission listed, but ended up having to have another small one before they did the evening gowns and the question and answer part, and I found myself being a little irritated because my attention was being held, and here the program was being interrupted because of mere technicalities...the nerve! LOL.  I did not want to get to the crowning part of the pageant because I knew that was signaling the end of the program.

Even though we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves, i have a new found respect for pageants.  You could just tell the contestants had worked very hard to put together and be a part of a successful show. They were five beautiful, highly intelligent and talented young women.  I was impressed.  Now i'm eager to be a first timer again, and go and see or do something else that I've never done or seen before.

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