Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Inspiration to all Divas

I love, love, love, when i run across women striving to make life easier for another woman, especially making it easier for younger women and single women.  It brings such a joy to see women sharing  knowledge and wisdom, and attempting to reach as well as teach other women.

 Ever wonder if your dating life coincides with the Word of God?  If you do, then this is a book that provides practical, essential tools for the Diva who desires to honor God in her dating lifestyle.  Calling Up Your Boaz by Dionne J. Edmonds is the book for you.  

I hear a lot of women  speaking on "finding a good man".  Ladies, it was never intended for us to find a man.  Proverbs 18:22 says 'He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.' We're not suppose to be looking, we're suppose to be found.  WE ARE THE GOOD that is supposed to be found. 

Being o.k. with being able to wait on the Lord is a blessing.  I know from experience. I was once the go get em type, and as a result of being such, I've experienced some difficult years of dating, marriage and divorce.  I wish this could have been around for me back then.  The good thing is I get to share it with my daughter and granddaughter, and women of all walks.

Dionne Edmons is the founder of Live Well Love Well; a Ministry for Single Women. Check out the Live Well Love Well website   There is a mailing list to join, (which of course I already joined)  and a blog...YAY!

Grab this book from Amazon, or load it up on your eReader.  It will be a book that either you will keep on the nightstand until your Boaz arrives, or  you will buy and share with others, or perhaps both! It will certainly bless you.  Remember I am the reader of all things good, and I'm always looking out for great things to share.

Enjoy Divas!

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