Monday, November 12, 2012

NaBloPoMo-November 12th: My Blogging Paradise

My favorite place to blog is sitting in the middle of my bed. This is the quietest and most relaxing place in the house. Ideas seem to take on another form when I blog here, and often I loose track of time. I believe if left alone with nothing else to do, I would go on and on for hours, just emptying myself in a place of contentment, and peace.  Yep. This is my blogging paradise.


  1. A lot of times I will do my commenting on my laptop in bed, but my actually writing at my desk top in the living room. Lovely to have this insight into where we all can be the most creative. :D


    1. Thank you. Kathy. Visiting your site, (love the name by the way!)I was like Oh Yeah! I would love to sit at her desk and type away. Your environment definitely sets the mood to create! Happy Blogging!