Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Throwing it all together

Ever been in the kitchen, standing there looking in your cabinets at what's in there as if the contents are speaking to you saying "there's nothing in here", but you just keep standing there defiantly staring back at them as if you're saying "there is too something in here".  And suddenly you decide to take a break from the cabinets and decide to torture your freezer the same way?  That's me on a daily basis.  But when it really gets bad, and I decide to show the staples in my cabinet who's boss in the kitchen, I create one of my 4T  (Throw Them Thangs Together) meals.  

During one of these battles with my imaginary friends in the cabinet, I made the most delicious rice and vegetable dish.  Strangely enough it was similar to the West African Jollof rice, because out of sheer determination to beat my cabinet in this war, I threw every vegetable that I had available in this rice along with some kimchi and tomato paste.  My family loved it, their only complaint was next time, throw in more meat!

They get squinted eyes and lip smacking when they make that comment.  One because that's a battle for the freezer and me, and two, they obviously are not aware of the secret wars my kitchen and I have with each other, and all the energy it takes when I'm throwing it all together!


  1. My favorite kind of cooking!

    (Found you through NaBloPoMo)

  2. Hi Alicia! I'm a skilled fighter! LOL