Friday, November 16, 2012

Why I think of things that make no Sense

You ever have one of those days where you're thinking random thoughts about things that just don't make sense?  Well today was one of those days.   Since I am participating in NaBloPoMo  I thought I would just share.  Warning, some of these are just plain ol warped, and I've added a touch of jolly sarcasm.  

  • I heard someone say the other day "We're helping a single mother and her children for Thanksgiving this year".  Wow.  who would've ever guessed that a single mother has children?

  • I'm going to the ATM machine.  So there is a thing called the Automated Teller Machine machine?

  • Hot dogs come in packages of eight, why do some buns come in packages of ten or twelve?

  • I was wondering do cows really sleep standing up?  I got the answer "Cows do not sleep standing up, despite popular belief. They only doze for short periods of time"  O.K.  Is sleep and doze not the same thing?

  • Why do people say that a doctor is practicing medicine?

  • Why do so many things that make women uncomfortable have the word man or men in them? (menstrual cramps, Menopause, Ailments, even the gender name woman) 

  • Why do we say "I have a mosquito bite", when a mosquito doesn't bite, they suck?  They really do..pesky critters.

  • Why don't psychics win the lottery?

  • When I put my laptop on the desk, does that make it my desktop?

  • Why do we open our mouth when we put on mascara?
  • Why are ends of bread referred to as body parts?  the heel or the butt

So today as you can see, I've had my fill of thinking of things that just don't make sense.  

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