Friday, November 23, 2012

What we can do to keep this thankful feeling

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Now that the day is over, we're on to Christmas and Christmas cheer.  Ever wonder what the world would be like if love and kindness were displayed year round like it is on Thanksgiving and Christmas?  People are so cheery and thankful on these two days, and that's wonderful, but in the twelve months of the year, the 365 days, the 8,760 hours, the 525,600 minutes, and the 31,536,000 seconds, we can only muster up kindness and generousity for 2 days?

What if we took baby steps, and practiced being kind as if we were infants learning to walk? There are so many humanitarians, activists, philanthropist, and others who daily work diligently  helping to improve the welfare and happiness, and promoting social reform; and from those of us who have not reached that level of kindness, we say THANK YOU to these people.  But they can't do it alone. Find a cause that you love or like; something that tugs at your heart strings.  Get involved, and volunteer, or help as often as you can, until that often as you can turn into more that you thought you could.  Before you know it, I bet the two days of thankfulness and Christmas cheer will turn into a life of service and gratitude.

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