Monday, December 3, 2012

Enjoy yourself

Sitting here at my desk (which by the way is not one of my favorite places to blog) just thinking, and reflecting on some things, and it occured to me how extremely blessed I am to have girlfriends.  I've been blessed with wonderful girlfriends, sister girls, besties, all of these.  I have several circles of girlfriends, and every time I'm part of one of those circles for a get together, or as one circle of my friends call it "the round table meeting", I walk away feeling alive and blessed to be a part of their lives.

There is one friend to call for every little thing that I may need to talk about.  We're always there for each other in our time of need.  One girlfriend lost her mother several years ago, and that seemed surreal,  maybe because we were so young at the time, then another friend lost her father, and then it started to hit home this could soon be happening to all of us later on down the road, because we are now starting to do the role reversal of us being the caregiver to our parents.  Then another girlfriend lost her husband.  Whoa.  A widow.  Now that is something that we never thought we would see and so soon.  But us girlfriends, we loved each other through it all, and we still have more to come.  We'll be ready.  Armed with love and support of one another.

Times are often difficult and hard.  I feel for women when I hear them say, "I don't have friends" or "other women can't be trusted"  I want to say to you, let go of your trust issues.  Become a friend, and God will put friends in your life that are trustworthy, and respectful.  He'll make them His ram in the bush for you at some point in your life.

Social media is making it easier and easier to reach out and communicate with people.  Rosetta Thurman (my favorite live/life/love coach), did a conference call training, and she mentioned the  website I checked it out and there are tons of social groups on this site with all different kinds of interests.  You may be the type that prefer group gatherings with new people, it seems like fun too! 

If you have those quirky, fun loving, girlfriends in your life, great; but whatever you do, get out and enjoy yourself.  Enjoy your life.

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