Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

As The Diva Journals commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, we would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all Diva's and Gents. We pray that you are safe, that you are loved and that you are giving love. Make someone's day today. Greet someone with a smile, for you never know how this may help them make it through the day. Thank you to all the people who are cheerful givers. You help make this world a better place with your acts of kindness and generosity. My daughter and I decided to have dinner the other night at our favorite old country store. Just as we were finishing up dinner with a couple of hot beverages, the manager came to our table and asked how our meal was. Our reply was "everything was great" (just like it always is. She took our ticket off the table and told us that a gentleman on his way out of the restaurant paid for our meals, and wanted her to tell us to have a Merry Christmas. Wow. my daughter and I looked at each other and we felt awe when thinking of this random act of kindness shown to us. Have a wonderful day today. If you can, spread some awe of your own; we plan to.

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