Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 After viewing this post, this message will self-destruct. You probably should close your browser before it burst into flames or blows up.  This post would self- destruct if it were a secret message, but since this is MarClar Lillie ousting the damaging part of her mentality; please continue to read on…SAFELY.
How many times have you gone beyond reason, and sometimes what seems like beyond hope to make notions become tangible? How many times have we NOT overthrown and expelled thoughts that entered our minds that could cause us and others pain, or steal our joy, torment us and put us on paths of self-destruction? For me, I’ve done it often.
With all the wealth that we have in God, why do we exhibit self-destructive behavior? Why do we self- inflict harm or abuse towards ourselves mentally? Do we not realize that one of the many resources that we have in God is that He is a refuge in the midst of the storms? Do we realize that we really can kick crazy out when it tries to find accommodations in the recesses of our minds?
I have decided that too much of my joy and happiness have been spent dealing with my self-destructive mental behavior.  From now on, I intend to pray.  I intend to run to God, the Rock that is bigger than I, and ask that He please save me from myself, because the real enemy is the inner me.  Ask Him to please grant me peace amongst this chaos, allow me to possess a strong mind; then when I feel the unwanted guests creeping in, I’ll just put the No Vacancy sign on, and tell crazy there’s no room here right now. Note to self: Can not self-destruct.


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