Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aha Moment

Aha moments are powerful moments in your life when clarity kicks in fiercely. Some aha moments are happy, some are sad, some are even life changing; however they occur, they move us in a way that sometimes leave us speechless, and flabbergasted.
I am working on several personal self- improvement projects that require I write down a lot of information and ideas; taking it from my mind to paper.  Right in front of me, BAM! There it is.  I have a tremendous amount of work to do to get to the point where I am satisfied with the road that I have chosen to travel, and it definitely is not going to be a road less traveled.
Aha moment came when I looked over several pages of ideas and information about me.  The pencil moved so quick and freely, that I did not even realize that I had written so much.  This looks like a lot of work, and it will be, but I am so happy that I have a plan.  Yes, while my pencil was moving unstoppably, it was busy communicating with my mind, creating a clear cut path complete with an array of solutions.
If I let my mind move freely, the rest will follow.  Aha.

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