Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clean it up.

Sometimes paths that were once so clear become a little garbagy and cruddy.  In order for my path to be clear so that I won’t put my vision on a detour route, I have to do some cleaning.
 I have a credenza.  And there is one particular corner that gets all the weekly mail, all the information from school, all the correspondence, all the magazines that I just have to keep, because “surely I am going to read that; there’s a really good article in there”.   I’ve come to call that corner my fire hazard. It’s really not a physical fire hazard, but if I compare my mind to my credenza, a smooth beautiful piece of furniture, and compare all that gets piled onto my credenza to a fire hazard (a situation that increases the likelihood a fire may start), it become easy for me to see how all the clutter can impede escape to a safe, peaceful place in the event a fire (compare fire to the situations that may merit attention) occurs.
Once a week like Mama taught me, I have to get the broom and dustpan, the mop, the mop bucket and some, Mr. Clean, some Ajax, the lemon Pledge and a dust towel, some Windex and get busy cleaning.  Oh and let’s not forget to take out the trash (the accumulation of rubbish in our minds). That’s what’s really blocking and cluttering up our clear paths.
Cleaning house and putting things in their proper place is not that much different from cleaning our minds putting things into perspective (in their proper place). The next time my path gets junky, I’m going get up, get my cleaning supplies, to start cleaning, putting all the worthless thoughts and damaging paraphernalia from my mind in the trash.
I’m busy.  Cleaning my path, clearing up my vision.

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