Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quit being so pushy.

I’ve seen it. At least once on the highway, once at the office, even once on a social network.  Pushy people who constantly invade others space, who possess loud-mouthed, go-ahead, over-ambitious, and aggressive ways; thinking that these qualities make them more powerful. Regrettably we have to inform you that they make you transparent.  That’s right; you’re see-through.  You’re really an underachiever in the areas that matter the most; like having a reputable character, or just having plain old manners!
You’re rude, impolite, and many times offensive.  Your uncouth ways make respectful people, who are considerate of others, aware of the depth of your unhappiness.  See they know your type; unhappy people who strive to make other people unhappy.
Stop lingering around waiting for a happy person to join you; you unhappy person.  When they smile at you, smile back, they know it may hurt your face a little, even crack it, because it’s been a while since the last time you smiled. Stop cutting people off on the highway just to get a response because you woke up angry this morning and they didn’t.  They probably would have let you over in front of them, because often times (and they know you are not aware of this unhappy person) happy people’s demeanors are equivalent to the warmth of sunshine. You remember what sunshine looks like or feel like? Probably not, been hiding behind the darkness of gloom so long, but hang around happy people a little longer, it may rub off on you.
Trade in your measuring spoon of resentfulness and envy for a cup of compassion and love. Oh and quit being so pushy.

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