Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can’t we all just get along?

It appears that at every turn, there is arguing, and bickering, or heavy debating over one thing or another.  It is quite normal for human beings to disagree and have differences of opinions.  But somewhere during all the heaping of coals towards each other, and the inability or the unwillingness to gather FACTS, (not our own theory), we have forgotten that it truly is o.k. to agree to disagree, meaning you do not have to accept the opposing positions, you just tolerate them, remain on amicable terms while continuing to disagree and leave it at that. Simple, or is it?
Is it that we believe in our minds that nothing can be that simple? Could it be that when we say “let’s agree to disagree” that we really have no intentions at all of even hearing out our opposition? It’s my way or no way?
Sometimes we take a person’s rejections of our beliefs, speculations, circumstances, experiences, and our theories, as a personal attack of our character, the core of who really are.  That’s why it is important to know who you really are; can’t expect someone else to know who you are if you don’t.  When you feel whole and good about yourself, you don’t see dim lights in other’s eyes in reference to us when they don’t agree with us.  We don’t feel the fear or anxiety that causes us to look for unpleasant attributes in others, demeaning their character, in the process of making ourselves feel worthy and safe. 
Know whose you really are and have a relationship with the God you serve. Believe in something more than what you see or hear. More times than none, what we deem to be imperative really is not that important. Sometimes we can just lay it aside, and begin to learn how to just get along.

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