Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

It's 2011, and I would like to wish each and everyone a happy and prosperous new year.   As i start my journey into this year, i feel very inspired and energized to get going.  I am excited about opportunities that have and will become available to me. I have joined a virtual life coaching program, one of the exercises that i am taking is called "The 31 Days to reset your life challenge", a program created by Rosetta Thurman, (great mastermind, and gifted young woman).  I am determined to build on what God has already put in motion for me.  I will move from the same spot that i have been in; my seat is worn out here.  i will learn, i will live and create special moments,  and then i will relive them in my mind as often as possible.  I will try something new, and if i like it, i will do it again.  I wish the same spontaneity for you.  Be safe, be happy, be loved, and give love.  My mantra: According to my Heavenly Father, the blueprint of me is one of a wonderful design, and i plan to build on it.

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