Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis The Season To Be.....

I was sitting in my doctor’s office today reading and according to an article in USA Today, children are asking for basics rather than toys.  US Postal Service workers who handle letters to Santa say that plenty of letters addressed to Old St. Nick are telling Santa about their parent’s economic and financial struggles.  Instead of asking for ipads, and ipods, more and more children are asking for shoes and socks, coats, and other basic necessities.
While it is good to know that some children have an understanding of the economic struggles that many Americans are facing today, it is also a moving sentiment hearing the concerns for their parents wellbeing, and displaying love for their parents, selflessly.  That’s impressive and I hope that we all will be touched in a way to give back to the ones in need so that these children will be taken care of, physically and emotionally.
Tis the season to be thankful, and to be givers, then we can be jolly.  If we can this holiday season, let’s spread some holiday cheer by giving back some of what we’ve been blessed with.  Help a person, a family, let’s just spread some love.

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