Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hugs, Hugs, and More Hugs

A hug.  Ever stop to think about how special a hug can be to someone, or even to you?   Or how important hugging can be in lifting a person’s spirit?  A hug is one of the most important expressions of affection.  Let’s a person know and sometimes it reminds them how much you care for them.
I’m wondering now, when was the last time I hugged someone? Or someone hugged me? And you know what? I was sitting here longer than I expected to be pondering over this question! Realization?  I don’t think I hug enough.  I think I’m going to start.  Yep, I’m going to get all touchy feely, letting people know that I care.  And while I’m hugging, I am going to start paying attention to what I’m feeling as I’m hugging. 
 Let’s hug.  Let’s hug our loved ones, our friends, and if you’re comfortable enough with this affectionate gesture, hug someone you’ve never hugged before.

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