Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday’s Acute Nostalgia

Happy Monday!  I’m sitting here  having an afternoon snack, and no lie number 2 from the list below popped in my mind, and I began to laugh at sentiments from the past. I started out with two, and then they kept coming; so being the Diva who journals, I thought why not empty these giggles onto the paper.  Do you remember:

1. When after someone just told another person off really, really good fashion like, and to give your  approval you’d say “Honey Boom!”

2. When you crushed your potato chips up in the bag to make more

3. When we used a small piece of concrete to draw Hopscotch

4. The offensive marble, the one that’s larger than the standard size marble, the “Shooters!”

5. Jackstones, the ones that would injure your mom’s foot if she stepped on it, and caused you to get your ass beat for leaving it on the floor!

6. Penny wheel cookies

7. Harper’s  Five and Dime

8. The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show

9. The 1970’s Coca-Cola vending machine

10.  The Bazooka Joe comic strip found on the inside of individually wrapped pieces of Bazooka   bubblegum

If you remember any or all of the above, welcome into my nostalgic childhood psyche.

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