Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm A Priority

I’m taking steps to start making me and my happiness a priority. Over the last several weeks I’ve watched people in my life succumb to horrid situations because of desperation, fear and their insecurities.  My needs do matter.  

I’m being proactive in the unfolding of me. Warning! I’ve placed a higher value on myself, I’m taking better care of myself, and I’m sticking up for myself. I’m not going to diminish the light that shines within me anymore. If it’s too bright for you, don’t strain your eyes, take your shades and go get a glimpse of someone else’s rays.  Don’t hate on me because your UV protection is at risk of overexposure to my greatness.

It is possible to care for others AFTER I first care for myself; and If you don’t like that I put myself first and you second, then move out of line and see how happy the person who is third in line will be to know they are next in line for some of my time.

I’m going to help myself; then I will likely be far more capable of helping those who need me most.

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