Monday, September 17, 2012

When I Realize, That I'm In My Own Head

I'm in my own head, and to be honest, I really wouldn't mind staying here for a while longer.  I'm riding, and while the ride is complimentary, there is construction going on and the journey on the road is extremely bumpy and uncomfortable.

I'm in a hurry in here.  There is construction machinery, hard hats, horns honking, and it's detrimental to my thought process.  Too much going on in here, here being my own head.

I think I'm visualizing my destination being a lot closer than originally anticipated.  I'm still in a hurry, and there are so many bumps.  The faster I walk, the further my destination is pulled from me.  Need To Slow Down.

So many potholes, ramps and road cones; why is there so much stuff in here?  Too cloudy.  Can't move around in here.

I see my destination again.  Dang, red lights now?  Will I ever make it?  

Sharp left turn, there's some speeding, and more bumps.  Pressing the brakes hard!! Stop! There is a pedestrian (a thought) in the crosswalk.  Almost destroyed it.  Gotta Slow Down.

Not there yet, but destination seems closer.   Another sharp left turn, another huge bump, and then a complete stop.

I decide to not get out of the vehicle transporting me (my mind) but decide to take another rough ride so I can create more. 

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