Thursday, September 6, 2012

We are still reading!

Hello all.  I was dusting off some things the other day, and ran across a book that I had put away for several years now, and have never read.  It’s a book by Bernhard Schlink called The Reader.  Originally published in Switzerland in 1995, translated from the German in 1997, and once a selection of Oprah's Book Club, The Reader has enthralled me since page one.

Postwar Germany and a fifteen year old male child is walking home from school when he falls deathly ill.  He is rescued by a woman who is only a few years younger than his mother.  Over a period of time, she becomes his lover.  She captivates him with her passion, but confuses him with her silences.  Eventually she disappears, and the kid, (ironically this is what she calls him in the book) doesn't see her again until he is a young law student and she is on trial for a crime she is being accused of committing.

I'm telling you, I am truly a lover of anything vintage; but who knew that this seventeen year old treasure was hiding on my bookshelf!  I do remember purchasing this book from my local library during one of their book sales, so I doubt I paid more than $1.50 for it, but it is more than worth that!  It's a great read.  See if your local library has a copy, or if Amazon has a used copy for sale.  

Get it and enjoy it as much as I have.  If you've already read it, let's chat, let's journal. Happy Reading!

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