Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thankful Tuesday

Wassup Peeps!  Today is Tuesday; thankful Tuesday is what I'm going to call it.  Today I thought sharing the lyrics to Queen Jill Scott's spoken word song Say Thank You would definitely hit the spot....It did for me.  Enjoy.

I used to be stuck
I used to be stuck
How ‘bout you?
Inside a lie
That you know ain’t near
Near the absolute truth
Feel it all in your membranes
And deep in your tissue

But you keep
You keep ignoring the signs
Listening to it happening to you again songs
And put your alarm on

Inviting new dumb shit
And more loss of peacefulness
Everybody can use a little help sometimes
C’mon you know things ain’t moving right
Ask for correction
Ask for direction
Ask for protection
Since you want to feel like you’re you
Say thank you

Cause you know your request is filled
You will see
So act accordingly
Live like you believe
And say thank you

In the air
Head down
Knees on ground
And a silent whisper
Out loud

Somebody say thank you Hey!
You hear that?
Thank you thank You!
I wish you would
Just say thank you
Thank you

It’s the only thing

Thank you

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