Friday, March 3, 2017

I Punched Back and Feel Like I Won

Hey guys.  I’ve emerged from deep, deep under the covers where I’ve been buried since Tuesday with guess what?  a cold; honestly it could have been the flu.  In either case I ended up with antibiotics and 500 mg Ibuprofen for my killer body aches and monster headache.

The one thing I wanted to share is the great results I had with doing a detox bath.  I got to a point where the aches subsided and my spirit said “cleanse yourself from these aches; it’s within your reach and means to do so at home.”  Thank God I was obedient, I feel  much better.  Because I’m a newbie to Detox baths of this extent, I went to Youtube and watched a video from FitLifeTV  Yogi Erin Motz had some great ideas and suggestions as well.  
What you’ll need:
2 cups of Epsom salt
1 cup of baking soda (yup, pull it out the fridge and put it to work for you)
¼ cup of ginger ( you can use as little or much as you want, depending on your tolerance)
Essential oils: they called for 10 drops of two, Lavender and chamomile.  I only used Lavender oil.  I say it’s your choice.  Different oils have different healing properties, so whichever one suits you, go for it.

Shower first.  This bath is for detoxification and relaxation purposes, and to me if you shower first it works better.  Fill your tub with hot water, as hot as you can stand it.  Be careful with this part, because water too hot can cause you become overheated…don’t want that.  Put your ingredients in, stir to help all of them dissolve.  Once it’s full, get in and submerge yourself to your neck.  This video instructs you soak for at least 50 minutes; that’s a long time especially if you are a newbie, so 20 minutes at least is enough to extract toxins, any extra time is when the body will begin to absorb the minerals.  I did 45 minutes, but let me say this, you will sweat your ass off because of the added ginger and it will get hot!

What the bath does:
Epsom Salt and baking soda has sulfate in them; when this is absorbed in the skin, it rids the body of toxins.  The ginger has anti-mucus properties, a natural decongestant and opens the pores.  It also make you sweat, which is good; means your pores are open.  

At first I felt extremely hot and just wanted to cool off, but as I began to drink PLENTY of water I felt better.  Next time I will drink water before and after, so I can flush out toxins.  I felt a little sick at first when I got out of the tub, so I will definitely modify my next detox bath. Also because my face is where I sweated the most, I immediately did my normal daily face wash routine afterwards, and I could feel the intenseness from the cleanser deep down in my skin, because why? Pores were wide open.

 As with anything, please, please do some research on the ingredients, how they may interact with YOU and if needed consult with your physician before participating in this type of detox, because remember this is a home remedy.  DO NOT do this detox every day; maybe once a week until you can SAFELY make this a part of your personal routine. As I said I will definitely adjust some ingredients, and take some more precautions that I feel suit me.  But in the end, you will punch back at a cold and potentially kick it’s ass like I did. 

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