Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hey Love. I have a Question.

Hey love.  I have a question that maybe only you can answer. The question is do you love,  really love me? I thought I knew the answer. In fact most days I really feel as if I do know the answer . But then there are some days that I have a question that only you can answer and that question is  love,   do you really love me?

Here lately I'm beginning to wonder. I have wonderful friendships in my life, I watch them flourish on a daily basis.   So instead of questioning myself, or the friendships I have, I think I should just ask love directly. So, love, do you really love me?

Now I know enough about you to know that you can make me feel as if I'm the most loved person in the world,  you know, like you love me the most. Then again, when you're not around and I can't feel your presence, love, do you really love me?

You know me. I know you know me. You've touched me. You've caressed me. You've held me. You've watch me grow, you've watched me shrink smaller then grow again. You've even failed me. But love, do you really love me?

I'll be waiting love patiently to hear from you. Let me know.  If you Love, really love me. 

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