Thursday, December 29, 2016

I'm a Reliable Realist

1. Being around lots of people drain my energy
2. I thoroughly enjoy solitude
3. My circle of close friends is small; like the circle on the bottom of a coke can small.
4. I'm often mistaken for shy
5. Too much stimulation leaves me feeling distracted and unfocused.....
6. And the list goes on

I've known for quite some time that I possess an introverted personality; however it is commonly said that introverts and extroverts are often viewed in terms of two very extreme opposites, but  most people lie somewhere in the middle of the extroversion-introversion range.  Nope, not me,  I am not part of the "most people" category described here.  I am 100% introverted.  No need in pushing the envelope, it is what it is, what you see is what you get. Or is it?

I was doing some reading this morning, and I came across this blog (I love blogs) called The Introvert's Dilemma  Get this!  A blog by an introvert for introverts.  Savvy! One of the posts from 2012 was titled The Reliable Realist.  So here is where my mind wonders.  Is reliable realist a term used for when you're in the middle of the introvert-realist spectrum?  My inquiring mind wanted to know.

Brent, the author of the blog listed a free 41-question personality test he found on   It's interesting I will say that.  Check out my personality type:

Check out my career suggestions:

While in no way do these personality tests define who I truly am (you'd have to know me to know how I define who I am ) they're  fun for me, and sometimes there is a tip (or two) I take from it that will prove to be useful.   If you take this p-test (lol, that's what I'm calling it) share your results, let me see em!  Test away.

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