Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Productivity; the emptying of a Diva's Mind

My earth beneath me feels dry and barren, like a piece of land unable to bring forth any vegetation.  My earth has become sterile. It was once plush; harvesting ripe for the picking fruit.  My earth can’t mold with dry clay.  It can’t be fertilized with poison.  My earth can’t bring forth creativity from a bleak and desolate darkness.  

My earth needs light.  My earth needs wetness. My earth needs to be fertile. 

My earth thrives off of sultriness; damp and hydrated precipitation.  Sticky even, at least with this there is the presence of moisture.  Ah dripping, oozing perspiration.  All it takes is a mist, and my earth is wet again.

For several mornings afterwards, I will see fog and dew; that’ll be lovely, for I will know that my earth beneath me is just as it should be.  Productive. 

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