Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Diva Journals is still reading!

"Slavery robbed us of so many critical pieces to the puzzle that when we started writing our own history, we told only stories of tragedy, struggle, and loss. The other stories of triumph, beauty, and achievement, faded into myth and left our young people wanting to be part of someone else's history." - Daniel Black, Author of Twelve Gates to the City.
The Diva Journals is reading Twelve Gates to the City, the sequel to They Tell Me of a Home, by Daniel Black.  I am captivated by the storytelling of this gifted author.   I find myself trying to read at a slower than normal pace, because I just don't want the book to end, but because the book is such a page turner, the chapters are flying by.  If you are in need of some good reading material, first get a copy of  Perfect Peace, then you'll be anxious to get these two sequels.

 I am enjoying the savor of remarkably written novels.  Aah. The bliss of being engulfed by a good book.  

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